All the time, especially with the power of social media, I see people constantly asking for recommendations for Newborn, Baby and Child Photographers. Within the responses and when I am dealing with enquiries, the topic of pricing is nearly always mentioned and the phrases "too expensive" can often be mentioned. I thought it may be useful to explain what actually goes in to portraits of this nature and therefore why, it can be perceived as 'expensive". 


What are you actually paying for when you book with me; 

  • A fully insured photographer 
  • A photographer who has been trained and continues to be be trained in Safe Posing of Newborn Babies 
  • A photographer who has been trained on how to use angles and lighting to capture your babies at their best
  • Time given to each client before each shoot, this includes providing information, advice and booking their date 
  • 1 hour session preparation and styling of props and accessories for each shoot 
  • 3-4 hour session time
  • Studio refreshments, electricity, water and heating 
  • Studio/camera equipment 
  • Handmade props, accessories and outfits. Each outfit trouser and hat set can cost an average of £25-£30
  • 1 hour to tidy, clean studio and hand wash all props and outfits used 
  • 2-4 hours of hand editing using the most up-to-date software. This is particularly true for Newborn skin which requires a lot of attention
  • Uploading images to private gallery 
  • Communication with clients regarding ordering and advising them of products 
  • Packing, preparing and delivery of finished images 


You can easily see that when you pay for a photographer to do all of the above, you are not just paying for someone to take a few nice images on a nice camera. One session can easily add up to a 10-12 hour day. When you see a photographer charging £50 for all images, it may be worth considering which of the above they are missing. There are different styles and budgets for everyone, however make sure you fall in love with the images first. Paying 'cheap' prices could leave you regretting your decision and paying more in the future. 

I  will leave you with this wouldn't pay someone 'cheap' to cut your hair, just because they had nice scissors. Also consider that when you go to work, you are paid for every hour you do.