Training - Newborn safety and posing 


I love nothing more than posing and photographing Newborn babies and pride myself on offering the best, most detailed posing for my clients that really show their baby in the best way possible. From perfect hand and foot placement as well as accurate posing that ensures baby looks as comfy as they actually are. 

Posing is a skill and an art that I have spent years developing and learning. Safety for me is key to everything I do and in an industry that is unregulated it is important to me to keep educating future photographers how to keep their babies safe. 

I offer 1-2-1 training either at my studio or I am happy to travel to my students studio to train them in their own environment and helping them to utilise their spaces.  Training can be provided on a one day or two day option. 

Take a look at my blog for more details too. Training Blog



For more details and prices, please contact me: [email protected]