Five reasons to book a newborn photoshoot with me

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Top five reasons to book a newborn photoshoot with me

Southampton Newborn Photographer 



Having a newborn baby is one of the most magical, rewarding but fleeting moments. Friends and family will constantly tell you during your pregnancy that the moment will fly by and within a blink of an eye they grow up. We never really appreciate this but when we realise, it's too late and we cannot go back. The first few weeks of a newborn's life is definitely one that goes by in a flash. In between the feeds and constant nappy changing, those early days of a sleepy, tiny, scrunched up miracle will change after the first few weeks. 

The most precious and effective time to capture a newborn in a posed way, when they are still sleepy scrunchy, is between 7-14 days, 21 max. So most of my clients book in advance, using their due date. This means a shoot is guaranteed and we schedule the exact shoot date when baby arrives. I leave gaps in my diary, so I can easily fit everyone in, even if they are early or late. 


So why book a newborn shoot with me in Southampton? 


Preserving those first few precious weeks 

There is nothing more precious than a fresh newborn. When they are born, for the first few weeks a newborn is still mimicking behaviours in the womb, as they haven't yet realised that they are no longer in there. They remain very sleepy, they still curl up in your arms and those tiny fingers, toes, little noses and pouty lips show so much detail. This soon changes after 3 weeks when they realise that life is more interesting and worth being more awake for. Those tiny feet and toes suddenly start to grow and the details start to be less apparent. 

You cannot go back in time to recreate these first few weeks so booking a newborn shoot with me will allow you to have these details and the curly scrunchy newborn phase to look at forever. Like any new parent, trying to adapt to a new life with a new baby, you may find that you won't find the time to capture and document these memories yourself.


My experience and expertise to create stunning images, safely

I specialise in the art of posed newborn photography. This means I will position your baby in certain poses that 'show off' what makes your newborn special. Poses that show how tiny and curly they are and poses that focus on showing off those special details, like their tiny toes, button noses, and sweet little fingers. The hairs on their arms and shoulders and the sweet newborn cheeks. The innocence and helplessness of new life. Posing a baby however, doesn't come easy when it is done correctly and safely. It takes training and experience. I have over 9 years experience since my initial training that was completed with the one of the most experienced photographers in the UK. I have not only studied the art of posing but also the behaviour of newborns so I understand how to keep them settled, happy and safe at all times. My passion for safety and getting poses looking their best, is so strong that I also train and teach other photographers who are just starting out. 

Newborn posing is a skill and should be considered in the same way as purchasing the services of a tattooist, hairdresser, cosmetic surgeon etc, as you cannot go back and you cannot compromise on safety. 


For the experience of watching someone else capture these moments 

I LOVE what I do because naturally I get to work with amazing babies all day. But more than that, I get to preserve special moments that you will never get back. Even more than that, i get to meet families and get to know them on a personal level and provide them with an experience too. Yes, you could take images on your baby at home on your smartphone, but you wouldn't get the chance to have the 'experience' of seeing your newborn from the outside. A newborn shoot should be relaxing for families, and I believe that mine are. I am always in constant amazement when I see a new mum or dad cooing and oohing and even in tears as they watch and I mean really watch their precious baby, calmly sleeping and being posed by me. It gives them the chance to have a rare few hours to sit back, relax and actually watch their new miracle, unclothed so they really get to study and appreciate all the details that won't stay for long. My expertise also leads to them picking up some tips for soothing and settling too. I have worked with thousands of babies over the years so I have a lot of knowledge that I am always willing to share. I often joke that as well as getting a newborn photoshoot with a professional photographer, you also get a free baby sitting service where you get to do nothing but relax for a few hours whilst I do everything. You can also let me take images of your baby and the rest of your family. If you are at home taking images of your baby, I can bet you won't be taking any of yourself or as a family and you may regret this. 


​​​​​​​I have all the best equipment and a huge array of props 

​​​​​​​It is very true, that in a modern age of technology and specifically smartphones, we all have access to a camera. But is it the same? No, it's far from it and professional photography is more than this. There are many things that go in to making an image a great one and especially when it comes to newborn photography. I have a DSLR that means I can take images and produce high resolution images that will mean you can print them as large and as you wish whilst maintaining quality. My camera enables me to have full control over the overall image I produce, correctly exposed, unlike phones where you are unable to control the manual settings needed. 

Lighting is a huge factor when taking a great image and often one that an untrained photographer will forget about or not understand. You may look at lots of unprofessional photographers and see how their images are so dark, or with no shadows or the light is poorly distributed over the subjects face, creating all sorts of unflattering shadows. Understanding and having the correct lighting is so important and at my home studio I work with a professional flash light, that I know how to position, at the right angles to flatter your baby.

Photography software to edit your images is also key. Have you ever noticed the colours of a newborn's skin, the flaky bits, the acne that can appear and other blemishes that may have been gained from their delivery? Editing a gallery of images is just as important as the taking of them as editing enables me to smooth out these blemishes, create creamy baby skin and do clever things like removing hands or merging photos together when creating safe shots that require baby to be held by an adult hand. 

​​​​​​​Props - I am not a photographer that over uses props. I am passionate that a posed newborn should look amazing just the way that they are. The pose and the quality of the images should speak for itself. But if you look at my work, you will see that I do like to use wraps, materials and blankets for added texture and colour as well as hair ties, sleepy hats and bonnets. I have a HUGE range of props that are all made by hand from professional prop makers. So I know that they are easy to use, safe to use and are of the highest quality. I am constantly updating my props and adding new items so the range always grows. 


I can help you with stunning art and gifts

Your baby's keepsake images are just that, keepsakes! So why leave them sat in a draw on a USB. I want my clients to show them off and to have amazing pieces of art displayed in their homes, showing off their precious baby. For this reason, whilst I offer digital images, I also have a large range of prints, wall art and gift pieces to help create those wall displays or find that perfect grandparent gift. I use a reputable, professional print lab and take away all the hassle of the ordering process for you. 



I also think that it's worth mentioning, that an additional reason to book me, is that I do not have a 'hard sale approach'. I do not ever want my clients to feel pressured, nor surprised when they have a shoot, view the images and then fall in love with them. I do not entice you in with free shoot offers and then horrify you by only producing a price list at the end. My pricing is carefully put together based, on my time, experience and expertise but I am 110% transparent. All my pricing is available to view on my website and is clearly provided when you make an enquiry too. ​​​​​​​ When you view your images, you can do so in the comfort of your home, via an online proof gallery so there is no pressure from me in person and you have 48 hours to select your choices, rather than the pressure of choosing in a one hour viewing slot. 

​​​​​​​I also offer money off future sessions within some of my packages so baby's first year can be captured whilst saving a little money too. This is why I have clients returning time and time again. 



​​​​​​​If you want the opportunity to have all the above and more from a newborn photoshoot with me, here at my home studio here in Hedge End, Southampton, then I would love to speak to you in person or chat to you over email or DM. Email at: [email protected]















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