Newborn Posing - One to One Personalised Training Opportunities

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Over the past 5 years I have worked hard to perfect my skills and art in safe newborn posing. From the very beginning of my journey into specialising in newborn photography, I wanted to ensure that I not only delivered the best images for my clients to treasure for years but that I did so safely and developed my skills to ensure that my sessions were an enjoyable experience too. 

Over the years, I have seen many new photographers entering the industry. I love to see this, as I know that producing timeless images of such a precious time is so important and it is the best job in the world! That said, whilst it all may look very glamorous from the outside, it takes hard work, dedication and a drive to make sure you can deliver a great service but also develop a profitable business and offering all images on a disc for £50 will not allow you to put food on the table. And above all this, it is VITAL that all this is done in a safe way. 

Now I am sure, there are lots of parents and budding photographers out there who have looked at the very best newborn images and thought "how hard can it be?", "I can do that"! I know because I was once one of them. BUT I am sure those who have tried will agree that the reality is very different and there are so many things to consider from getting a baby to settle and sleep, through to lighting and then the all important posing. I am also sure that whilst we may all look at images of newborn babies and think "aww don't they look amazing", if you really look hard enough, you can tell who has received training and has experience from those who are trying to learn without this investment. Whilst I am not here to judge how people choose to learn, I only know that newborn baby's are way too precious not to invest in correct training because we would never want to jeopardise their safety. Secondly, if you want to produce quality images and build a business that offers quality, then it makes sense that we take the time to learn in the best way possible. 

Prior to taking the leap into my professional photography career, I spent several years managing businesses and teams and training was always the element that I thrived on. I love inspiring others, imparting my knowledge and helping people grow. It therefore seems only natural for me to expand my business and help support others to achieve great things in their baby photography careers too.

I began training last year but had to put things on hold, as we all have with most things this year, due to Covid 19. But I am now back and raring to welcome more of you who wish to learn. My 2021 diary is open for training. I am full already for January so do get in touch if you are interested. As I am still continuing to operate as a photographer first and foremost, I will have limited capacity.


So there are two main options for training 


One day, 1-2-1 training


  • How to book your clients and manage your diary based on due dates 
  • How to prepare your clients before their shoot to help you get the most from your session 
  • How to organise your props and set up and plan your shoot 
  • Basic lighting for your session 
  • How to wrap baby and safe techniques to assist with effective sleeping 
  • How to pose newborns safely in the main and most common poses
  • Safe handling of baby 
  • lots of tips on how to settle, soothe and comfort a newborn to keep them settled
  • How to work with a baby that resists sleep
  • How to use angles to get the best and most flattering images 
  • Basic editing and processing of images post shoot 

We will have a live model on the day so you will see me handle and run a session from start to finish. You will mainly observe me posing whilst I will provide you with instructions and tips to take notes but I will allow you the opportunity to take photos of each pose so that I can teach you how to make the most of your angles. There may be some opportunity to handle the baby so that I can teach you wrapping skills. The day will run from 9am till 4.30/5pm and if you are coming to me and my studio space, I will also provide lunch. If you have a studio and wish for me to come to you,so that I can provide you with guidance on your own set up,  this is also possible but I will charge for travel expenses. 


Two, Day 1-2-1 training

The two day option will include all of the above on day one but the second day will be your opportunity to put what you have learnt into practise and run your own shoot from start to finish. This is a great opportunity to have hands on experience but with me there to help guide and support you. It will enable you to ask any questions and provide extra guidance whilst you are applying the skills learnt on day one. If your budget allows, then I would advise the two day option because having the chance to be hands on, with me there to support you can be less daunting than having one day and then going away and doing your first session on your own and wishing you were able to ask questions.

There is nothing better than training on a one to one basis rather than in a group setting. This will enable your training to be tailored to your level and skill set and based on what you intend to offer to your clients. If you are further forward in your newborn photography career and then the above content will be adjusted and centred around those areas you wish to improve on. 

And your training will never stop after your one to one training as I have a Facebook group that I would love you to be involved in too. This is a great forum where you can talk to other peers, post images for critique and any other questions you may have to ask. I will also post regular tips and tricks for you to enjoy to update your skills too. 

Here's what one of my lovely students had to say; 

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the 1-2-1 training we had recently. You were so thorough with all aspects of newborn photography from the initial enquiry to editing, and I learned so much from you. I loved seeing how you work and your work flow and how you safely pose those little gorgeous babies. You have been a fab trainer for me and are still helping me now with all my questions, I wouldn’t have wanted to go to any other photographer for my training. Thank you again xx" Hannah Turner 


"Claire has honestly changed my life when it comes to photography. Before my 1-2-1 training I had no idea how to pose and wrap babies safely but now I go in with so much confidence and I just absolutely love my job! I 100% recommended Claire for newborn training" Liann Sherlock

If you are keen to find out more about training with me and pricing, then please do get in touch for a chat. As I continue to operate and specialise in newborn photography, I will can only offer training to those who are at least 15 mile radius from Southampton. 




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