What does the new normal look like for your baby photoshoot

June 26, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I don't know about you but the last few months have been very surreal. It's been a rollercoaster or emotions, lots of home-schooling, I've baked more cakes than I have ever done in my life, I've become very green fingered, a dab hand at puzzles and I've spent loads of time squishing and playing with my children. There have been some lovely moments for sure BUT I have missed all my little babies and their families so so much. 


I have been very cautious about re-opeing for business and not doing so too soon. Officially many studios opened their doors on the 15th June, however I was very conscious about not doing so unless rules and restrictions were lessened further due to the closeness and physical touching involved in posing and working with babies. I am pleased to say that now measures have been relaxed and they continue to be even further over the next few months, I will be back and re-opening for work on the 6th July. This will be a phased return with postponed and already booked session pre covid, taking place over the next few months. 

I have always worked with very strict hygiene in place so going forward this will remain but I have added a few other measures and will be working a little differently to keep you and myself safe. The governments guidelines have advised that businesses should maintain social distancing rules of at least 1 metre where possible. Where this is not possible then other measures should be taken to mitigate the risk of transmission. 

As always, clients will enter my studio space via an outside, side entrance. You will be asked to leave car seats and any other unnecessary belongings and only bring essential items into the studio. Upon entering clients will be asked to hand sanitise and also will be asked to wear a face covering (clients to bring their own). I do have spare, individually wrapped masks for those who forget or do not have one. I will ask clients to remove shoes and leave them in a closed container outside that will also be sanitised after each use. As I have a small space, I am kindly asking for only one parent to attend their shoot where possible to limit the number of people and making distancing easier. However, I understand that in some circumstances this may not be possible where new mums might need extra support. Where there are two people attending, they must be from the same household. I will not be able to offer you drinks or snacks but you are more than welcome to bring your own. 



I will only have one client per day as usual and I will be leaving one clear space between each day to allow for further deep cleaning. Cleaning has always been a high priority and always carried out after every shoot however I will be taking further steps too. I have removed all unnecessary items from the studio, all props will be washed after each shoot in the normal way, disinfected and the studio, all surfaces and soft furnishings will be steam cleaned. The studio is locked after each deep cleanse and no-one will re-enter until the next shoot takes place. I work alone too, so you will only meet with me and no-one else will meet with you or access my space. 

For each shoot, I will be distancing from parents and where possible during a cake smash or sitter, from baby too. When it comes to newborns, or smaller babies, I will be asking parents to place baby down so that I can scoop them up to work with them. I will be working with a mask and visor and will be sanitising using 80% alcohol gel before I touch your baby each time. I will be working at a different level to them so that I will not be in close face to face contact. I will also be working in a slightly different way, limiting the number of poses, to ensure that I limit the amount of time I have to physically touch them. As I have extensive experience of safely posing newborns, I am able to adapt to my usual way of working and use other methods to achieve the same results. 

Until such a time as closer face to face contact is allowed, family and sibling poses may need to be slightly different as I try to limit direct face on and physical contact when trying to safely pose babies in the arms of parents. Family and sibling poses will be discussed on an individual basis for each shoot and more guidance will be provided with each enquiry. I am hopeful that for bookings post September, family and sibling poses can return to a more normal with PPE in use. Whilst, we know that the risk to infants and children is minimal, the risk to adults remains, so I am keen to maintain distancing rules where possible. For the moment, I am proceeding with over caution. 



All these measures will enable me to work as safely as possible whilst still enabling you to capture the most precious moments of your baby's first year. If we can all keep doing our bit to do small and sensible things to mitigate our risks, then we can all continue to enjoy things in a 'new normal' way. If you are a client who is already booked in then you will receive a guide to these measures with your booking confirmation. If you are a new client or thinking of booking, then this will also be sent to you when you enquire with me. And of course, I am happy to discuss any of this with you too. My aim is to make you feel confident and assured that I am putting all our health at the top of the priority list. 



Of course, it also goes without saying that if anyone including myself, displays any symptoms as per the NHS list, they must not attend their shoot and should isolate for the recommended period. It is vital for everyones safety that this is adhered too. 

I have been busy booking in all of my postponed clients so my diary for July and August is now full. If you have a baby due from September onwards and wish to book, then I would delighted. Please contact me by phone or email: [email protected] 

I cannot wait to see everyone soon. 




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