How much is a newborn session and what does it include?

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So you have decided that you would love to capture your precious baby whilst they are still in their first few weeks so you can look back at those precious images in years to come. You are looking for a newborn photographer nearby to capture those moments but you are unsure what the session costs and what is included? You're not alone and this is one of the most common questions asked when people enquire. Now, like any service, there are various ways in which businesses charge but here is a little insight into how I price my sessions and what is included in this cost. 

My session fee for a newborn shoot is £75. This cost covers the session only and in summary, is what you pay me to 'do the job' if you like. And like any other profession I charge based upon my time and the cost of any products and utilities. A newborn session begins right from the moment a client informs me that their baby has arrived. I will provide the client with information that helps them prepare for their shoot, which in turn makes for a more effective session with their baby. I spend a lot of time making sure that parents know what to expect. It is important to me that I use the right props and colours during a session too, so I will take time to consult on the sets up that I will use on the day and advise on colour schemes, paying attention to the colours in a clients home. 

Fast forward to the session itself and before parents and baby arrive I will set the studio up with various props, outfits and accessories as agreed before hand. So not only does the setting up take time but it also means that parents do not have to bring anything other than themselves because everything is provided. I have collected a number of props over the years so I have a huge collection (it really is worse than a shoe obsession), and I am adding to this all the time so that my clients get a variety of choice but also props that are of good quality and not worn and looking a little worse for wear. Use of all of these is included in the session price too. If a client requests a particular colour or type of hat that I don't have, I simply find one to buy. 

The session itself can take up to 3-4 hours depending on the baby. I am baby led which means that I work around baby needing to be fed, settled and soothed and of course this is different for all babies. Nothing is ever rushed and whilst I will never let a session go beyond 4 hours as I feel this is too much for baby, there is no limit on the time I spend below this. 

I believe that it is important to capture the whole family if they wish so parents can be included in shots and so can siblings and these images are at no extra charge too. I am sometimes asked for family pets to be included in sessions and I will consider this also, depending on the animal in question and whether I feel it is safe and or appropriate. 

Hot and cold refreshments and light snacks are also provided - the most popular being the well stocked biscuit tin! 

The session cost also includes my skills, experience and training to skilfully settle and pose your baby too. Now I could go into a lot more details about training and posing but this really is another huge topic in itself and this is all covered in other blog posts and on my website. To sum it up, training is important but the right training and applied experience too because it is important that your baby is posed correctly to make sure they are safe but also that they are posed correctly so that they look comfortable and they look their best. Look very hard at the images in someones portfolio and pay attention to the positioning of their hands, feet and their face, can you see there face for a star or is it buried amongst a field of props? Do they look comfy? Does the overall image look appealing to you? Look beyond the cute baby face and the fancy props and look closely at the details. I am also fully insured and all certificates can be provided on request. 

So, you've had your session and I have posed your baby is several poses and used lots of lovely accessories and props to enhance and style your images. And now comes the deep clean - out comes the disinfectant, the mop and bucket and everything is washed down inside the studio. All props that have been used are put in the washing machine - or for most delicates I begin the hand washing process. It really can be like a laundry. 

Whilst the washing machine is busy cleaning any soiled items ready for the next shoot, I begin the fun bit of uploading all the images and shortlisting the final images for your viewing gallery. Now I strongly believe in quality over quantity so I select the best 20-25 images from your session to edit. This gallery will be varied rather than a gallery of 50 images that will all look the same. Then begins the process of editing your pics! 

A lot of people understandably think that actually taking the images is where it all stops but this is only half of the process. The editing of images can also take a long time and in some cases, up to 2-3 hours. Again all babies are different, but usually new baby skin can be all colours of the rainbow but particularly red or jaundice. I will therefore take time to neutralise this skin tone so that baby looks nice and creamy. They can often be shedding some of their new skin during their session so flakes are also edited as is baby acne. The editing is part of the process in producing the finished images. A little bit like a cake maker mixing all the ingredients to make the finished cake. Like photographing your baby in the right way, it also takes skill to edit, especially when it comes to editing out hands that have held your baby safely in position. 

I aim to edit galleries and make them ready for clients to view within 2 weeks of their session date. I really want clients to have them back whilst their baby is still little, although I won't compromise by rushing them either. Whilst you wait I will provide a teaser pic of one of the images and pop it on my social media page. A great way for parents to show off their new baby, have something as a souvenir of the session and this is free of charge too. Of course, it's a little bit of fun and optional and something that I won't do without parents permission. I have many clients who choose not to have their baby on social media and I respect this. A have lots of different ways for you to purchase your images when you view them. I believe in offering something for everyone so as well as popular digital images, I have some stunning wall art, gifts and prints too and all at competitive prices. I will help clients when selecting products and wall art to ensure they are going to look great on their walls for years to come. 

So you can easily see how much work and time goes into one newborn session alone. All that for £75 and the chance to relax and let someone else look after your baby for 3-4 hours too! Oh and I do chat quite a bit so you will a find yourself picking up a whole heap of tips and tricks too as well as useful resources for your journey into parenthood. 

Last but by no means least, because I know how important is it to capture memories, I have teamed up with Babyprints by Zoe. Zoe offers the most precious and detailed hand and foot casts and they are simply stunning. For an additional £24 you an not only get a newborn shoot with me but also a casting session with Zoe that will include a single, freestanding hand or foot cast. Zoe will work with you to take the most precious cast of your baby and present it in your choice of gold, silver or white coating. Or you can redeem this against any other product too. And there are lots to choose from. Booking with me saves you over £40 than if booked separately. 

For more details on a newborn photography shoot and or the casting session too, please email: [email protected] 






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