Goodbye 2018 and hello 2019 ...

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So I have survived a full week of alarm setting, school runs and healthy eating so the New Year is in full swing. 2018 was great for me so I am not glad to see it end but I am excited about the new year ahead as I have lots of exciting things on the horizon. Do you want to hear about them?... I'm not going to let all the secrets out of the bag but I can tease you a little. 


Maternity Sessions

I don't always have a lot of maternity sessions to show on a weekly basis. I do a lot of them but as you can imagine they are very private and I totally understand and respect this. For me maternity sessions are also very individual and I treat every client in this way and we discuss, in depth exactly how she envisages her maternity images looking and how far she wishes to go with revealing her bump. Of course, I am there to guide my clients and I know that every lady that comes to me feels comfortable with me. My maternity photoshoots are packaged to include 5 digital images and a newborn session is then half price too. I have a range of materials and designer maternity gowns in my collection and 2019 will see this range grow even more. I will also adding something a little extra to the package as well to make even more of a keepsake. I never had photos of myself when I was carrying the girls which I regret so I want to really make it special. 


A lot of my ladies that were due at the end of December were well overdue bless them. I normally see a mix of newborn babies who are on time, late, or early but it can be unusual for everyone to be born at once. Well December was that month when they all came like buses, meaning that the first week back has been gentle and next week there will be babies galore. Now I am wondering if they have set a precedent for things to come. Is there a 'late baby' trend on the way. 

So on the newborn baby photoshoot front, there will be lots more cuddles and cuteness to see as newborn babies really are my specialism. I have spent well over 3 years now really understanding and studying baby behaviour as much as I have perfecting poses. There is so much more than just photographing these precious babies and I know my knowledge goes a long way to reassure parents that they can trust me. My training is always ongoing but I will be adding to my education to offer more safety reassurance to my clients. 

The positive extra for 2019 is that I am hoping to be able to open my diary a little more as my little Lillie is getting older, so instead of my 4 week day slots, I can add a 5th for any last minute bookings. This means that there are more opportunities for those who are on my waiting list to get a last minute slot. 

You would have seen last year that I partnered with BabyPrints by Zoe to be able to offer keepsake hand or foot castings too and we have packaged up a lovely little session that combines both our services. We hope to collaborate on a lot more this year too so this is something to look out for. There will also be a few new exciting things to offer my new mummies and provide even more value so watch this space for news on this too. 


Just Sitting Session 

I love any session that I do but what I really love about this session is that I really get to see a baby's personality too. They are laughing, dancing, sometimes they cry (don't be fooled into thinking I have all the magic) but whatever mood they are in, it fascinates me. All my sitter sessions come with three outfit changes and these outfits are provided by me. I source my props from some highly talented individuals and they are all hand made. I have a very close relationship with one prop maker and as we work together in partnership it means I always have something new. There will be a lot more to offer this year and a wider range of unique backdrops will be introduced too. 

I had great success last year with offering mini sessions for this age group and they were a sell out. There will be more frequent dates coming up too and they make the perfect gift because the session and the images are offered at a fraction of my usual cost. Just a heads up that the first of these dates will be added very soon. 

I will also be running a little competition, just for fun around my Sitter Sessions and there will be a chance for one lucky person to get something very special. Goodness, there are so many things on the horizon but I have to keep it all secret otherwise I would be spoiling you all in one go. 

Cake Smash Session 

Like my Sitter Sessions, Cake Smashes are always a popular way to celebrate that all important milestone and also to mark the end of what is a remarkable first year for a baby. As you all know by now I work really closely with Cat at Cats Creations to make my cakes so that I know they will look and taste amazing. It also means that for my customer, the session is hassle free because I source everything for you. Even the outfits are carefully chosen to match a colour scheme or theme. My cake smashes really match my overall style of all my sessions. I believe in everything being about your baby, so whilst I use props I like to keep it simple and elegant and not overwhelming or overshadowing your baby. My set ups to date have taken a similar format and these will still be available but you will see a few new props and looks sneaking in for 2019 and I will be making each session even more bespoke than the last. 



Mini Sessions

Towards the end of last year, I introduced two new mini sessions to my offering. My mini sessions are for unique shoots that wouldn't necessarily produce a large and varied gallery but enable me to produce a smaller amount of images in a cost effective way. These new shoots were the Baby's First Birthday Session and the Gender Reveal Session. Take a look at my website for more details on these. I will also be adding one more mini session to the mix this year so look out for this too. 

Stunning new wall art

If you haven't already visited my facebook page, and seen the video of stunning new wall art then go and take a look. Whilst digital images are popular and they hold such great value because of the ability to print them time and time again, there is nothing more amazing than seeing an image in print. I use one of the UK's leading professional print labs and they have some stunning and modern wall art pieces that I just had to offer to my clients. There are acrylic prints, art block and a stunning multi image frame. They have all been added to my website and of course you will see them taking pride of place on my wall if you choose to have a session with me. 


And then there is me....

2019 is also going to be year of a few personal changes for me too. Well, I say changes but more goals and challenges. I want to really push myself to try new things and go out of my comfort zone. I am attending more fitness classes for a start, especially to shed some of my Xmas chocolates. But the BIGGEST challenge is one I will be doing with my husband. We have a big plan to raise LOTS of money this year for our local NICU unit where Lillie was born and spent a short period of time in. It's been very close to our hearts for 3 years now and now is the time for us to give back and help others have a positive outcome like we did. Can you guess what we will be doing???? Look out for more details on my Facebook Page as we hope to confirm our dates soon. 

So a busy year ahead but a lot of thing to look forward to. It's important for me to end with a thank you. At the end of the day, I run a business and it is a living that enables me to provide for my family BUT it's not like any 'normal job' and I see it as so much more. 

It is an honour to be able to be trusted with your babies, trusted to capture what are the most precious memories. Thank you to each and every one of my clients and future clients and a Happy New year to you all. I cannot wait to meet you.


Claire x 





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