I take my business very seriously and I understand that choosing a photographer to capture your children is a big decision. I believe that I not only offer great photos but I run a professional business and believe in making my clients feel special. With this in mind, I am an active member of various associations, which enable me to operate using best practices, keep fully up to date with training and enables me to be part of a wider community that shares the same values. 

I am a member of The Guild of Photographers and The British Association of Newborn Photographers (BANPAS), the only UK Association for Newborn Photographers that promotes safe posing. My training with the Newborn Workshops, was with three of the UK's most prestigious trainers and founders of Banpas, as well as being National Award Winners in their field. Shellie Wall, Rob Mank and Maddy Rodgers

My biggest accreditation and training, has been as a Mum. I have two girls, aged 4 and 2. I know how to handle babies, how to settle and soothe them and I have the patience required when the going gets tough. I understand that as a parent, especially with your first, that their safety is number one priority. Please be assured that it is mine too and they are in perfectly safe hands throughout the session with me. This is why I have taken and continue to be active with as many associations as possible. You deserve the best! 


Awards are not given away lightly in the Photography Industry and I was blessed and proud to have received 25 Bronze and 1 Silver award for my work. Awards are national level awards and given by a panel of 15 nationally acclaimed and experienced photographers. 



All the information regarding the Associations can be found by clicking on the links in the text.